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Phnom Penh - Local Attractions Information

The major attractions in or near Phnom Penh are:

To visit them really only takes about 2-3 days, but there are other things to do.

Minor attractions include:

  • Independence Monument / Victory Monument
  • Oudong
  • Friendship / Liberation Monument.
  • Hun Sen Park

Shopping Attractions:

  • Psar Thmei (New Market or better known as the central market
  • Psar Toul Tom Pong / The Russian Market
  • Psar O Russei
  • Psar Olympic
  • Psar Dang Kor
  • Psar Char

Other attractions:

  • Dining in one of the small stilted restaurants that line route 6a
  • Fishing in one of the fish farms located south on route 1.
  • River cruises. If you can, get a midnight cruise on a small boat through the semi-submerged trees along the banks of the Mekong on a moonlit cloudless night. You can only do this in the rainy season though.
  • Go Karting
  • The Rifle Range
  • Mini Golf
  • The Water Park

For more information look at www.canbypublications.com they are a good source of information about Cambodia or check out some of the other web sites listed on the links page.

There will be some photos later, once I get over my Cambodianitis - My wife thinks I'm lazy but really I've just adapted to the culture.