DV8 Bar and Guesthouse, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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All nationals other than Malaysians require visas to visit Cambodia. Visas can be picked up at the border crossings detailed on the travel page. If arriving by air the current rate is $20USD for a tourist visa or $25 for a business visa. If arriving by land you will be overcharged by a few dollars. If you have time and hate corruption ask for a receipt, you won' get one but you won't have to pay extra. Check you passport as the guards may not stamp you in if you cause them trouble and this will cause you trouble later.

You will need 2 photos so get some extra ones made up.

If you get a tourist visa it can only be extended one month and then you need to exit the country, if you get a business visa then you can extend it as long as you like. So if you are staying more than a month get a business visa.


Overstaying your visa is charged at $5 per day.

The easiest way to extend your visa is to take it to one of the travel agents or Lucky Lucky Motorcycles on Monivong. Lucky can get you visa renewed in a couple of days. They also handle visas for other countries.