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Since the fall of the Khmer Rouge many organisations have been helping Cambodia Coummities recover. Projects undertaken cover the full spectrum of capacity building that are required when a country undergoes massive loss of skills and technology. Some of the organisations involved can be found below:


IDRC became involved in Cambodia in the early 1990s, just prior to UN-sponsored elections. The elections proved to be a milestone in Cambodia’s transition to peace after decades of external and internal warfare. Efforts to rebuild the country have brought their own challenges. Attempts to raise foreign exchange have often relied on the export of scarce unsustainable primary resources, particularly forest products. This has directly affected much of the population, more than four-fifths of whom live in rural areas. read more


Save the Tiger


The Save the Tiger Fund is commited to help preserving Cambodian wildlife through the following avenues: Anti-Poaching, Conflict Resolution, Trade Reduction, Conservation Education , Field Study and Management
read more


Asia Forest Network

Generally speaking, Community Forest Management (CFM) refers to community-based activites which are geared towards the sustainable use of forest. This however, is an oversimplification as evidenced by the fact that the concept of CFM has been evolving over decades but until now, cannot be defined more precisely. This is due mainly to the various forms and contexts in which CFM is found. The complexity becomes even more apparent when one remembers that, apart from communities, NGOs, forestry departments, and donor agencies are all involved in the dynamics of forest management and all have significant impact on CFM with regards to its social, economic, and political aspects. Despite the lack of definition however, CFM stands as a logical guiding principle in the management of forests, and the history of community-managed forests supports this.  Read More


Cambodia appears to be experiencing relative success in the fight against

the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Although an estimated 34,500 Cambodians have

died of AIDS since the disease was first reported in 1991, HIV prevalence

continues to decline. While the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/

AIDS (UUNAIDS) estimated prevalence at 2.6% at the end of 2003,National.                                       Read More

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