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Cambodian Taxi Services

Siem Reap Taxi Service | Phnom Penh Taxi Services

Cambodia is still developing it's taxi services and at this point the taxi services in Cambodia are mainly private taxis. The only taxi company of which to speak of is the Vantha Taxi service in Phnom Penh.


For Vantha Taxis Phnom Penh rates please click here


As most taxis in Cambodia are not metered, if there are in fact any Cambodian taxis that are metered, you will need to agree upon a price before embarking on the journey.

As a guideline you can hire a taxi in Phnom Penh for about 8 hours for around town use for the sum of $25USD. Pick up from or drop off to the Phnom Penh airport by taxi is $7.50 each way. The advantage of a taxi is of course the air-conditioned comfort on the trip in. If it's your first time to Phnom Penh I'd recommend you take the taxi.

Siem Reap Taxi Services

If you are looking for a personal taxi service in Siem Reap you may wish to consider Mr. John Teng.


Mr. John is an experienced, personable, honest, and reliable English-speaking taxi driver working in Siem Reap providing driver and tour services. He can offer individual and group package tours as well. For larger Groups, Mr. John can rent a van or a bus for you.

Mr. John provides proper service for visiting the Angkor temples and other Siem Reap area attractions, as well as countryside tours. Mr. John is presently studying to become a licensed tour guide and can offer additional guide services at no extra cost.

Read below for firsthand recommendations from his previous customers as well as some of Mr. John's sample tours.



In July 2005 my wife and I were fortunate enough to find ourselves within one of the most beautiful places in of one of the most beautiful countries in the world: Siem Reap, Cambodia.

.....we found Mr. John to be even more outstanding in every respect than either of us could have hoped for. Mr John is every inch the understated Cambodian gentleman, polite, well spoken, honest, punctual and highly knowledgeable about the people and surrounding areas. John not only acted as our driver during our time spent in Siem Reap but also our guide, interpreter and someone who was able to provide a wealth of historical and political knowledge and recent information about the area as he took us places we would have never have seen otherwise.

We would wholeheartedly encourage any English speaking visitors to engage Mr. John prior to arriving in town for the fullest most rewarding experience available. We will be returning to Siem Reap in the future and will most definitely be using Mr. John's services again. We wish him and his family well !!!. Fraser & Anne Glendinning, Scotland.

DAY RATES FOR Mr John Teng's taxi service in Siem Reap:

  • Angkor Archaeological Park: $25 /day.
  • You can contact him at E-mail to: johnangkor@yahoo.com
  • Call Mr. John at 012-995-977 or International callers dial 855-12-995-977
  • Mr. John can make hotel reservations and provide airport pick-up. With Mr. John your stay in Siem Reap will be safe and comfortable

Phnom Penh Taxi Services

If you are looking for a personal taxi driver in Phnom Penh you may wish to consider  Mr. Ben Wee.

An excellent taxi driver/guide, Mr. Ben Wee has been in business for over five years and invites visitors to Phnom Penh to utilize his service to explore the fascinating sights in and around the Cambodian capital.

Mr. Ben Wee has an above average command of the English language and will go out of his way to please his customers in every way possible. Mr. Ben Wee comes highly recommended by those who know him. He is a very gentle, patient and kind man who personally protects his visitors from being overcharged or cheated by unscrupulous operators.

Mr. Wee will gladly take his guests to such interesting destinations as the Russian Market, The Killing Fields, Tuol Sleng, Tonle Bati, Phnom Tomao, Phnom Chisor And Wat Oudong.

Mr. Wee also has extensive knowledge of the Phnom Penh Nightlife and can easily transport his guests around to the latest Bars, Discos and Nightclubs in the relative comfort of his new fully air-conditioned sedan.

In addition to touring Mr. Wee offers an airport pick-up and Drop-off service. For Just US$7.00 each way. His all day rate is only US$25.00. Long distance out-of-town trips are priced according to current petrol rates. Mr. Wee can also reserve rooms in clean reasonably priced hotels in Phnom Penh via e-mail or Telephone.

Mr. Ben Wee can be contacted by Email at: benweekh@yahoo.com
or by Telephone on: +855 (0)16 886 544

Please visit his Website at: phnompenhtaxidriver.com