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NGO's and  Charities

Cambodian Charities for Children

Cambodia Corps inc - Mith Samlanh/Friends - Schools for Children of Cambodia (SCC) - Cambodian Orphanage International

Cambodia Corps inc run a boarding school in Mondulkiri. Thier mission statement is

  • "From their homeless child population, create an educated leadership for the ethnic minority Montagnard hill tribes of Mondolkiri and Ratanakiri Provinces, Cambodia consisting of 4% of their people.  Employ one seventh of them as teachers in a Village Development & Educational Program to increase the socioeconomic status and capacity of these hill tribes to protect their culture and tropical forest agroecosystem from inimical development.

    Establish a cottage industry in handcrafts of sustainable forestry resources to provide cash income opportunities and stimulate village economies.  Purchase and wholesale these products as a cost recovery center to fund this non profit indefinitely under indigenous leadership.

Mith Samlanh/Friends

  • The NGO Mith Samlanh / FRIENDS was established in August 1994 as a non-religious association working with street children in Phnom Penh. The NGO was established in response to the needs of street children, including their families and their community. The projects of FRIENDS aim to help the children's reintegration (reintegration into their families, society, the public school system, the workplace, and their culture).
  • Schools for Children of Cambodia (SCC)
    SCC is a registered charity funding free education programs for children in Cambodia. We are a voluntary, non-profit organisation with all funds going directly to supporting local schools and education projects. Our aim is to spend money delivering and not on administration. We currently support four schools in Siem Reap province with over 1000 pupils in attendance. Our Schools provide free education for children from the ages of 4-12. We also assist the more academically inclined children in attending the Government Secondary School to extend their education beyond the age of 12 years.

Cambodian Orphanage International

  •  Perhaps you have seen them.  A little boy searching through filthy garbage.  A young   girl pleading for some spare change.  In both body and spirit, the 19,000 street children and orphans of Cambodia are among the most desperate of the poor.  Day in and day out they live with hunger, severe malnutrition and disease.  They have no home, no families, no education, no healthcare and often, no hope for the future... 
       Cambodian Orphanage International was created to be the voice of these children who urgently need our help.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the way these children live, eat and think.   Change comes by empowering them ? physically, emotionally and socially - with food, healthcare, education and training.

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Cambodian Charities - Charities for Cambodia Children - Helping Cambodian Children
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